With a fun, delicious menu offering smoothies, coffee, snacks and more, Taste Buds in downtown Rock Island, 150 16 ½ St., is offering similar fare, but with its own twist.

One of the latest snacks to hit Taste Buds is milk chocolate-covered potato chips.

Now, offering various chocolate-dipped items seems to be a growing trend among local coffee shops and cafes, especially in regard to mixing the salty with the sweet, and the most natural of these pairings (and the most common in local venues) has been potato chips dipped in chocolate.

I’ve been eating items of this nature for years, having first tried them in California about two decades ago and having eaten them in cafes in Chicago and along the west coast. This is the first time I’ve seen them show up in local shops on a regular basis, although admittedly, they have popped up from time to time in the past.

Taste Buds’ chocolate-covered chips are a perfect entrée into the foodsnack for those who haven’t yet tried them.

Some of the chip and chocolate combos I’ve had before have been pretty eclectic and more extreme, mixing far more spicy, hot or salty chips with darker and bolder chocolate flavors. Now, I love stuff like that, but I’ve got a pretty adventurous palate and I’ve eaten a lot of more eccentric food items. I also love extreme tastes in regard to heat and saltiness and I’m not a big fan of sweets, so the bitterness of the dark chocolates and the more subtle tastes of the chocolate blends of milk and dark have been perfect for me.

I mention this to set the baseline for you, particularly in regard to this item.

Taste Buds chocolate covered chips are perfect for a wider audience in that they’re not too bold, not too bitter, not too salty or sweet. If you’re looking for something extreme, these are not the chips for you, but if you’re just giving this combination a try, these are the perfect gateway to this delicious combo of tastes.

The Taste Buds chips are rippled golden chips along the lines of dippable Lays or chips of that type. The chocolate dipped side is a nice, creamy milk chocolate that’s not too sweet and has the right amount of creaminess to balance out the salty crispness of the chips. They’re a fun snack that all ages should enjoy.

Chocolate covered chips may sound a little odd and some of you may hesitate to try them, but with Taste Buds snacks, you shouldn’t hesitate to dive right in. I think you’re going to love them. They’re the perfect chips for introductory customers just getting into this taste combination. According to the owners of the shop, at some point in the future they’re likely going to be getting in more extreme flavor combinations, but these are a great introduction. For those looking for a delicious commingling of the salty and sweet that’s going to satisfy both cravings, these are the chips for you.



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