Are you ready to put those horns up and rock out to some hardcore metal?

QC Metalfest 2017 is happening this Saturday July 29 from 2-11 p.m. at the Bierstube (415 15th Street Moline). Admission is only $5 and all money goes back to the bands! This is an all-ages show.

Here are the set times for all performances:

2:20 p.m.              Lord Giver (Quad Cities)                                    Outside

2:50 p.m.              Rezinator (Quad Cities)                                       Outside

3:20 p.m.              Post AD (Quad Cities)                                           Inside

3:50 p.m.              Crater (Quad Cities)                                               Outside

4:20 p.m.              Upon The Death Horse (Quad Cities)           Inside

4:50 p.m.              Kronos Resistor (Quad Cities)                          Outside

5:30 p.m.              Øde Vinter (Champaign)                                     Inside

6:20 p.m.              Aseethe (Iowa City)                                                Outside

7:05 p.m.              Ethicist (Dayton)                                                     Inside

7:50 p.m.              Close The Hatch (Dayton)                                  Outside

8:35 p.m.              Cantharone (MN)                                                    Inside

9:20 p.m.              High Graves (MN)                                                    Outside

102:0 p.m.           No Funeral (MN)                                                      Outside


Check out the Facebook event page for more information on each band at

Start strengthening those neck muscles now, because these bands are going to make you want to head bang all night long!


Tess Abney was born and raised in the Quad Cities. Her passion for writing and entertainment was apparent at a very young age. Whether it is sharing local events and businesses with readers or sharing her thoughts on life, she finds comfort in the way words can bring people together.