QC's Beck and Woods Sign Paramount Deal For ‘Quiet Place’Former Quad-Cities filmmakers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods have landed a huge deal, selling their screenplay “A Quiet Place,” to Paramount Pictures.

The duo, whose last project was the critically acclaimed “Nightlight,” were born and raised in Bettendorf and made over two dozen films in the area under the Bluebox Limited banner. They moved to Hollywood after winning an MTV filmmakers competition and have since made a number of films on the coast.

As for “A Quiet Place,” Emily Blunt is starring in the film with John Krasinski, who will also direct. “We are executive producers on the project, alongside Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes banner,” Beck said. “We’ve also signed a blind script deal with Paramount for a second feature film we will write and direct.

“In addition, we have a few new projects on the horizon, including a new feature and a television pilot which we hope to announce soon. Follow us on Twitter (@beckandwoods) and Instagram (@beckandwoods ) for the latest. Thank you all for your continued support!”

QC's Beck and Woods Sign Paramount Deal For ‘Quiet Place’



QC's Beck and Woods Sign Paramount Deal For ‘Quiet Place’
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