Believe in Bigfoot?

The Abominable Snowman (woman? person?)?


They all exist!

Just ask the folks behind The Great Yeti Hunt, taking place starting at midnight Monday and running through the day at Johnson County Reservation.

There’s a yeti on the move, and she’s roaming through Johnson County Conservation parks! Help us track her over the next eight weeks.
Every two weeks, the yeti will show up somewhere new – but in classic yeti style, she only roams in the most wild places – places with few visitors and few trails.
Anyone tracking her should be comfortable navigating and visiting more primitive park settings and hiking 2-4 miles (in some cases off trail).
Every two weeks, we’ll help you find her by posting clues to her location on this event page. It’ll be up to you to figure out what park she is at, then head out on a hike to find her. Use our collection of park guides to help piece together the clues (…/how-and-where…/).
The yeti will be found somewhere along the trails/walking routes outlined in the maps found with each guide.
Anytime you find her, take a picture with her. Then send your photos with the yeti to Anyone that finds her all four times will be entered into a drawing for a $30 Fin and Feather gift card.
*Note: The yeti will stay in the same location for two weeks at a time. Even though the Facebook event day lasts for 24 hours, she’ll stay put until the next location post is made on this event page.

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