Check out the newest location in the Quad Cities for Karaoke — The Speakeasy, 1828 3rd Ave., in Rock Island!

What makes us different than other Karaoke events in town? The biggest difference is we have an actual stage you will be performing on! We also have professional stage lighting and sound so you will sound and look great when singing your favorite songs!

Doors will open at 8:30 and Karaoke begins at 9 on Saturday night. It will end at 1:00 a.m. There is no cover charge. We have tables and chairs and a full bar for any “liquid courage” you may need before hitting the stage! You must be 21 or older to attend.

We are also happy to have DJ Relevant Social Event doing our shows. Those that were regulars at MD’s know that DJ John changes his name for every show! Just another fun aspect of this show you won’t get anywhere else in town!

If you love Karaoke, we hope you will give us a chance!

Get Your Karaoke On TONIGHT At The Rock Island Speakeasy


Get Your Karaoke On TONIGHT At The Rock Island Speakeasy
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