If, like Brick Tamblin, you love lamp, or, if you just love lamps, Rock Island shop Skeleton Key Art and Antiques has got something to light up your life.

As previously reported here on QuadCities.com, the once hidden hobby of Lamp Aficionados displaying their amor for the luminous decor has been illuminated in the mainstream during this time of covid sequestering. Probably because we need lamps now more than ever, and it’s only appropriate we show our love for our lampy partners.

Brandy Clark VandeWalle, owner and operator of Skeleton Key, and such a tease, wantonly dropped a whole buncha lamp porn into the Lamp Enthusiasts group on Facebook today, and according to Brandy, it’s just a taste of what they’ve got at Skeleton Key.

As she purred in her post, “Hi! I own Skeleton Key Art and Antiques in Rock Island, IL. We’re offering pickup and delivery in the immediate QCA. I’m fighting hard not to share everything we have now, but I’ll save some for future posts. These are all currently available – just let me know if you’re interested!”

Oh, we’re interested, Brandy. We ARE INTERESTED.

Below are some of the lascivious images.

Depending on your moral compass and openness to lamp charisma, they may or may not be suitable for more sensitive viewers.

You can contact Skeleton Key at (309) 314-1567 and www.skeletonkeyqc.com.

Sunny likes long walks on the beach, patterned wallpaper and conveniently nearby outlets. She also likes peanut butter and admires a good stride.

Veronica’s a wild child, jazz and hot dogs drive her wild! Also, she hates extension cords.

Anastasia prefers a quiet night at the symphony, bubble baths and ornate bird cages

Don’t let her demure exterior fool you, Barbara lives, laughs, and loves with the ferocity of a lioness.

Ariana is very spiritual, hence her proximity to a religious statue. She also models in her spare time, and wants to be a journalist.

Trixie and Pixie, the twins, are up for ANYTHING. And we mean ANY THING.

Brenda and Kelly appreciate the finer things in life, white wine, the theater, and of course, 60 watt bulbs.

Kristy reads Vonnegut in the bathtub, appreciates sunrises, and the only reason she does her homework without a shade is because that library’s so hot.

Carrie loves pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, she’s not much into yoga, she’s into champagne, she loves illuminating houses at midnight, in the dunes of a cape, if she’s the lamp that you’ve looked for, pick her up and escape.

Mabel is into leather.


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