We had over 300 nominations, almost 40 restaurants nominated, 15 finalists, and now…

We Have a Winner!

That’s right, the voting was hotter than jalapenos, the competition thicker than queso, stronger than salsa, as Quad-Cities Mexican restaurants competed in our first annual Cinco De Mayo Mexican Restaurant Battle. The contest was simple — we had 15 finalists taken from those top vote-getters in the nomination process, and for the past week, you, our illustrious and hungry readers, have been voting, no more than once a day, for your top three picks.

Today, we grabbed that big sombrero of votes, compiled the results, and… we have a winner. Many winners, actually, as really, every nominee is a winner, and a great spot to check out. So, as we celebrate Cinco De Mayo, aren’t all Quad-Cities Mexican food fans the real winners? I think so. Below are a list of some of the finest spots in town, and we highly recommend you check them out.

So, here you have them, the top 15 nominees, ranked in order of vote percentage received…


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