The NFL is returning to Rock Island!

Ok, well, not a team, but the draft.


Anyway, according to officials with the parks and recreation department for the city, Round 6 of the NFL draft will be held at Augustana College on April 27. Former Augustana College and NFL quarterback Ken Anderson is also said to be involved with the proceedings.

Why Rock Island?

One of the founding teams of the NFL in 1920, the Rock Island Independents played their games at Douglas Park. In fact, a game at Douglas Park on Sept. 26, 1920 is recognized by some NFL scholars as the first game in the history of the league. The Independents lasted six seasons, before moving to Moline to join the competing American Football League, but that only lasted one year before they folded.

The NFL has decided to pay homage to early teams in the league this year by holding its 84th annual draft in different cities which once housed franchises.

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