Hey Quad Cities, are you ready for the GAS Feed & Seed Festival?

GAS Fest will pull together 20+ of the most exciting, innovative and hotly tipped artists and comedians that the country has to offer. This 3-day festival is hosted by Sean Moeller of Moeller Nights and takes place this Thursday Nov 15, Friday Nov 16 and Saturday Nov 17 at both the Raccoon Motel (304 E 3rd St. Davenport) and The Stardust (218 Iowa St. Davenport).

GAS Feed & Seed Festival is Back!

Check out this year’s line-up:

Thursday Nov 15

Raccoon Motel

6 p.m.                 Early James

6:45 p.m.            Blake Brown

7:30 p.m.            Timmy the Teeth

8:15 p.m.            Carl Anderson

9 p.m.                 Michigander

10 p.m.               Ben Kronberg with Dan Gill


Friday Nov 16

Raccoon Motel

6 p.m.                 Sharaya Summers

7 p.m.                 Timmy the Teeth

8 p.m.                 Avid Dancer

9 p.m.                 Michigander

10 p.m.               Ben Kronberg with Zach Pugh

11:15 p.m.         Son Litte

The Stardust

5:30 p.m.            Wildermiss

6:15 p.m.            Sun June

7 p.m.                 Whiskey Shivers

8 p.m.                 Dan Gill with Kyle Scanlan

9 p.m.                 Night Moves

10:15 p.m.         Closet Witch


Saturday Nov 17

Raccoon Motel

5:45 p.m.            Abby Jeanne

6:30 p.m.            Sun June

7:45 p.m.            Christopher Paul Stelling

8:45 p.m.            Dan Gill with Kyle Scanlan

10:45 p.m.         Krystal Metcalfe

11:30 p.m.         Avid Dancer

The Stardust

4 p.m.                 Early James

4:45 p.m.            Katie Pruitt

5:30 p.m.            Carl Anderson

6:15 p.m.            Erin Rae

7 p.m.                 Ben Kronberg with Zach Pugh and Chris Schlichting

8:30 p.m.            Ruston Kelly

9:15 p.m.            Son Little

10 p.m.               Brett Dennen


Tickets for Thursday shows are $20, Friday tickets (good for both venues) are $30, Saturday tickets (good for both venues) are $40, Weekend Pass (shows on Friday and Saturday at both venues) is $40, 3-Day Ticket is $50 and a Golden Ticket is $70. Tickets can be purchased now at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gas-feed-seed-festival-tickets-48250759320.

For more information or updates, visit https://www.moellernights.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/events/689194151431788.

Don’t miss this amazing 3-day festival filled with the best music around!


GAS Feed & Seed Festival is Back!
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