The Establishment Theater isn’t just for families anymore.

The clean, family-friendly early show by Comedy Sportz is followed up by a later in the evening 9 p.m. R-rated studio series of shows, which offer a variety of fun for a decidedly older crowd.
The late show for Saturday, July 30 was The Establishment Stands Up! Hosted by The Establishment’s own Patrick Adamson, the R-rated humor was a good time for all. Cracking jokes about weight loss attempts and baby proofing his house, he got the crowd warmed up.

Next up was Ty Lane, talking about his fear of driving at night and thinking there is someone lurking in the backseat to kill him down the road. He also shared some hilarious stories about our nation’s seventh president Andrew Jackson. Jackson was in 103 duels in his lifetime, which means there were at least 103 times when he was so angry, he was willing to duel to the death than apologize. The presidential assassination attempt was started by Jackson. A man tried to shoot the president point blank, but the gun misfired. He pulled out a second gun, which misfired as well. Jackson then beat the man to near death with his trusty sidekick, a hickory stick.

establishment stands up

Jackson’s aides actually had to come to the rescue of the assassin before Jackson killed the man.

Jim Adamson admonished the crowd about their duty to vote (no matter who) in the upcoming general election. He spent most of his set talking about gun rights and the many arguments for and against. An example was that the Constitution is a living document that can be changed as time and social norms progress. Our forefathers were wrong about slavery, women’s rights, and prohibition, so why not guns? Jim advised on a one bullet law, that would allow each citizen one bullet to be used at their discretion. This would cause people to think before shooting.

The headliner for the evening of stand up comedy was Jeff Adamson. He talked about his trip to Brazil and the country’s love of thongs on the beach, his adventures in grocery shopping with his wife, and many one-liners based on popular culture.

Comedy Sportz is nearly every Friday and Saturday night at 7pm, followed usually by a late show at 9:30pm for those 17 and older.

The late shows coming up in August are:

Friday, August 5 – Shakespeared! Where the improv players find/create a long lost and hilarious Shakespeare play

Saturday, August 6 – Wisenheimer. A long form improv production

Friday, August 12 – Bandwagon. A combination of music and comedy, where the audience picks the songs and styles.

Friday, August 19 – Nocturne Falls. A mockumentary of smalltown life with possible murderous townsfolk.

Saturday, August 20 – Critical Hit. A comedy show filled with nerd comedy.

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