children eden picJust uphill from a friendly little pond at Prospect Park in Moline, IL, lies an auditorium which is home to the Quad City Music Guild. As I arrived on the scene, I duly noted that the crowd gathering was a bit more distinguished and the staff was both friendly and professional. I made my way to my seat readied my writing utensils for what may come. Having known nothing of the play, I was unusually eager.

“Children of Eden” is a play written originally played on stage at a religious high school. In ACT I, it tells both the stories of Adam and Eve and then Cain and Abel. In Act II, the story of Noah Ark is retold as well. These are not your average tellings, however. The understanding of these ancient tales is brought into a new light that both delighted and amazed me. The greatest achievement of this play was a better understanding of these lessons taught long ago. And it does so without “forcing” the subject of religion. Music and the theatre are a great way to make that happen and this play has done it.

For those who enjoy musicals and the stage, this is a Quad Cities necessity. When the lights dimmed, I knew at once that this was going to be special. I felt excitement in the air from all ages of an audience and then the music started. Live music is electrifying and pure. The band played flawlessly and the music filled the room. And the voices that echoed from the actors and actresses seemed unreal. The singers immediately filled me with excitement. These voices did not need microphones as they were clear and bold. They were just so beautiful. Words alone cannot express the feeling inside of myself as they sang seemingly effortlessly to us. It was truly magical and unforgettable.

Additionally, this play was very visually stunning. When the costumes came into view, the colorful reenactment had and it was like watching a rainbow dancing as the players moved across the stage. Even the backdrop was charming. They used a colorful array of fabrics, both painted and not, and carried suggestive props to represent the animals.

These actor-controlled props assisted the story very well.

The power of this performance to me was both dazzling and inspiring. From small child to aging adult, these people worked together so well that one would think they were on Broadway. I could easily write forever about the way this company moved me. I was indeed in tears by the end of those and more than once. They are an explosive cast. Their talent is abundant. One must see for themselves to understand the power.

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Amanda Jo Payne read her first novel by age 5 and began writing plays and poetry at age 11, when she received her first typewriter from her mother. A love for putting words together pushed her into higher education and she obtained her Board of Trustees BA from Western Illinois University in 2008. As a mother of three and a grandmother of four, she spends most of her time reading and taking care of her family.