The 50s and 60s gave way to the age of the diners. Small greasy spoon stops where you could get eggs and bacon, maybe some buttered toast Doc Gives Nostalgic Praise To Davenport's The Dinerand a strong cup of coffee that’d wake you up and send you on your way. Mornings and lunch belonged to the working class, and the night time gave way to a jukebox in the corner and kids cutting a rug. Depressingly, those days gave way, to drive thru’s and over priced coffee.

In 2018, a little stop on the river gave birth to unique take on that classic experience. The Diner opened its doors at 421 W. River Drive, Davenport. Through flood waters, pandemics, and shut downs its found its way into so many people’s hearts. The motto “Don’t tell your mama”. So in true Out to Eat with Leo, I’m going to let you all in on the secret, and let the cat out of the bag.
Doc Gives Nostalgic Praise To Davenport's The DinerWith amazing drinks served in childhood 80s style glasses and coffee cups with pop culture references. This isn’t your normal stop. It’s something more. You can find your classic blue plate specials and strong cups of coffee, but things are a little more exciting. Think Saturday morning cartoons and mom cooking pancakes while doing shots of Jack. “Trust me it’s all right, honey” she exclaims while bringing you a flight of 7 different syrups to drown your fresh blueberry pancakes in.
I order the breakfast steak fajitas with pineapple strawberry salsa, and a side of biscuits and Doc Gives Nostalgic Praise To Davenport's The Dinergravy. The fajitas are great and the salsa kicks just enough to let you know it’s morning.
But the show stoppers are the B&Gs as Tara calls them as she brings them to the table. A buttered bisquit is swamped in a thick sausage gravy that needs no salt or pepper, just a spoon and a big appetite.
While the food is great, what The Diner offers is an experience. A restaurant that is more 70s and 80s mom bopping around making sure your fed before heading to the mall. The up beat and positive environment makes this breakfast more about filling my soul back up than my stomach. I’m convinced that at any minute a musical could break out with the staff and I wouldn’t be surprised or upset about it.
We lost our diners of the 50s and 60s, but we’ve captured them again with this amazing spot if only for breakfast or lunch. It’s stops like these that have an endearing and enduring quality in our day to day. So stop in, get a classic or get something special for you and yours. Make sure to add a round for the staff on your check, and maybe toss a few bucks in the jukebox. They may just dance for you.
Your friend in food,

Doc Gives Nostalgic Praise To Davenport's The Diner
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