“Life is so strange when you don’t know
How can you tell where you’re going to
You can’t be sure of any situation
Something could change and then you won’t know…”

And who knows, that something could be you get to be treated to a fun, awesome video every Monday on QuadCities.com as part of The Video You Deserve? It’s our weekly trek through the fun, funny, odd and strange world of music videos to perk up the beginning of your week.

Today’s video will be of particular interest to any fans of Lady Gaga, because the good Lady undoubtedly was massively influenced by this band and particularly its lead singer.

Good thing there was a sale on aluminum foil or this video wouldn’t have been anywhere near as awesome.

I’m talking about Missing Persons and their unique and trailblazing lead vocalist Terry Bozzio.

And that influence is especially apparent in the band’s biggest hit song, the awesome “Destination Unknown.”

It was written by Dale Bozzio, Terry Bozzio, and Warren Cuccurullo (who would later leave the band and join Duran Duran in the ’90s and have success with songs like “Come Undone” and “Ordinary World” before rejoining with Missing Persons again in 2001) with production by Ken Scott.

Originally released on the band’s self-titled EP (1980), the song was released as a single in September 1982 and appeared on their debut studio album Spring Session M (1982). The song just barely missed the top 40, peaking at 42, but its impact was huge in terms of the world of music video.

“Destination Unknown,” and especially the alien beauty and sexiness of Terry caused a huge buzz at the onset of MTV, making Missing Persons one of the hottest new wave bands of the early ’80s, especially in their native Southern California, where they were a massive draw. The band had formed when Terry and Dale were working with Frank Zappa in his band in Los Angeles. The duo soon met Cuccurullo and they began recording and gigging together, getting interest from record companies and causing a huge buzz on the coasts and particularly California.

Bozzio, a former model and true artistic original, was hailed by some critics as a distaff David Bowie and feminist icon, pioneering odd and artsy musicians to follow with her distinct look, including Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and, of course, a few decades later, Lady Gaga. One look at Bozzio and you could swear it’s Lady Gaga, with her multicolored hair, striking makeup, use of mirrors in her wardrobe, and futuristic and sexual outfits and videos.

The band had a number of hits on their album, Spring Session M, which is a true new wave masterpiece, including “Windows,” “Words,” and “Walking in LA,” but they reached their apex in the song and video for “Destination Unknown,” a haunting, alien, slinky and seductive banger.

And here it is, your Video You Deserve…


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