BREAKING NEWS: Theo’s Java Club, which has been a Rock Island staple for 27 years, is close to finding a new owner who will continue the traditions and heritage of the revered local coffee shop.

As previously reported on, owner Theo Grevas had mentioned Oct. 2 as a potential closing date for the quirky and unique BREAKING: Rock Island's Theo's Close To Finding New Ownerspot for coffee, sandwiches, tea and more which has been a haven for a wide variety of folks from creatives to tourists at 213 17th St., Rock Island since 1994. Grevas since pushed the end date to Oct. 6.

However, Grevas said today that he’s close to a deal with a new owner, and if it goes through, the shop could remain open.

“At most, we might close for a short time just to get things reset and do a few things that need to get done,” Grevas said, “but we’d be opening up shortly after that.”

Grevas would still be retiring under the arrangement, but said he would be available to the new ownership to consult them and help guide them through the transition. The potential new owner wishes to remain anonymous at this time, both Grevas and the potential new owner told today.

He mentioned there would be some changes, but Theo’s would remain largely the same, which will obviously make regular customers quite happy.

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BREAKING: Rock Island's Theo's Close To Finding New Owner
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