Its Monday, and you know what that means.

That’s right. It’s time for The Video You Deserve.

A Boomtown Song With A Monday-Mad Title Is This Week's Video You DeserveMondays can be pretty dismal and dingy. And really, so is the subject matter of this song and video, but it’s so damn cheesy and goofy that it transcends what should and could be a much sadder subject.

It was the biggest hit for Britain’s Boomtown Rats, and their only hit to cross over to America. It was also one of the most popular videos in the early days of MTV, and it’s probably the only number one hit to create a poppy chart smash about a mass murder by a demented schoolgirl, who, when asked why she decided to take fire upon her classmates, told police, “because I don’t like Mondays.”

Well, none of us do, but, ya know, somehow we just grab an extra strong coffee and eschew going on a murderous killing spree.

But, depressing subject and all, the Boomtown Rats turned it into a huge worldwide hit, and years later, lead singer Bob Geldof balanced the songwriting karmic scale by writing one of the most heartfelt and caring songs of all time, “Do They Know It’s Christmas,” while also leading the Band Aid and Live Aid movements to raise millions of dollars for starving people in Africa.

But before that act of nobility and charity, there was Bob’s biggest hit as a Boomtown Rat… “I Don’t Like Mondays,” this week’s Video You Deserve…


A Boomtown Song With A Monday-Mad Title Is This Week's Video You Deserve
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